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Patient and Nurse

Employee benefits

At A Caring Connection, there is nothing more important then the care of our patients and the well being of our employees. Offering a variety of employee benefits is a way to show our appreciation and gratitude for all of the hard work you put in every day. 

Watch an overview video that explains each benefit in more detail (13:26)

Please email for any further benefit questions. 

Health benefit packages

Browse the optional health benefit packages we offer. The rates are competitive to the market price and the service comes with high review ratings.  The enrollment link will be sent to your email when benefits are available or upon employee onboarding. Note, you must work a minimum of 24 hours per week to qualify for health benefits.

Medical Checkup

Flexible savings account (FSA)

Contribute up to $1,500 per year for funds to be used for medical needs. This plan offers tax benefits and will roll $600 over to the next calendar year. Funds are available immediately once you enroll in this plan. You can even shop on Amazon for qualified products. 

Dependent care account

Contribute up to $5,000 per year for funds to be used for any dependent care services. This plan offers pre-tax benefits from each paycheck to help pay for the care of a child, spouse, or a dependent adult who lives in your household.

Kids in Preschool
Online Class

Tuition reimbursement

Your continued education is important to us. Now you can earn tuition reimbursement to contribute towards your education. Email us at more information.

Employee referral bonuses

We are looking for talent like you! ACC offers a $250 bonus for any caregiver you refer to us and we hire. Simply call, email or text our office with the contact information of anyone who might be interested in joining our staff and we will reach out to them. Referrals must stay employed with ACC for a minimum of three months in order to receive your bonus.

Working on Laptop

Company store for PPE, scrubs and much more!

Visit the ACC online store for major discounts on select products like PPE and more! You can also purchase items with the ACC logo on them. Items ship directly to you.

*There is a limit to $100 of discounted PPE per month.

401K plan

ACC has partnered with Guideline to provide you with a 401K plan. Guideline will help you select a diversified portfolio that sets you on the right course. No minimum contributions, make changes whenever you want, save money for retirement and take advantage of tax benefits. The enrollment link will be sent to your email when benefits are available or upon employee onboarding. To learn more click on the link below or contact Guideline at or 888-344-5188.

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Free skilled training classes

We offer free in-service and skilled care classes. It doesn't matter if your a new nurse entering the private duty nurse field or a seasoned veteran. Keeping up on your skills like vent care, feeding tubes, tracheotomy and more is always a best practice.


Email us at for more information or click below for a complete list with descriptions and how to register.

* Note - these new benefit programs will be replacing any other benefit or reimbursement programs offered by ACC in the past. If a benefit is not listed on this page, it is considered null and void. 

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